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Look At These Cryptocurrency Stocks To Buy In 2018

I get requests all the time as to what are my core holdings for the long term investor. So what better way to start out the year then to go over my top “Non Bitcoin” picks for 2018 after adjusting my portfolio. So without delay.

#T1 DASH’ – To me Dash is way undervalued compared to the rest of the Blue Chip currencies. I love their philosophy, and it is only going to take a listing on Coinbase to send it to the next level!

#T1 ETH’ – Tied for #1 with Dash is Ethereum 11.32% . Yes there may be other smart contract coins out there but Ethereum 11.32% has first to market advantage, and many of the top tokens are based on this coin. I also consider it a hybrid where it is both a SOW’ and a platform for other tokens, A conglomerate for sure and ETH’ could challenge BTC’ for #1 in market cap!

#3 XLM’ – Stellar 0.55% Lumens is the libertarian’s Ripple. I love this space. The only reason it is ranked higher than XRP’ is because it is 25% of the value, so there is room to run, and room for both in this multi Quadrillion dollar space!

#4 XMR’ – Monero I know I dumped it and bought it back, as I want to own winners. Monero is the leader in privacy coins. Are there others? Yes, but Monero has the Lion’s share of the market and is marketing hard!

#5 BCH’ – Bitcoin Cash 3.89% was my #1 pick two months ago at $300. Since then it has outperformed the market. It only dropped to #5 because its exploded 1000% in a few months but I feel it will continue to dominate in 2018 as a top 5 coin.

#6 XRP’ – Ripple is run like a Wall Street company and from and investment (not philosophical) standpoint I like their leadership. I also like how they are empowering smaller banks to compete with a handful of banks that control international money transfers. (The CB’ Disruptor for sure)

#7 MTL’ – Metal is the 1st of the lesser known coins. Brian Kelly has it in his portfolio which was enough for me to look into it. Great team, investment capital, and though a bit speculative I like this better than TenX -3.90% or Monaco to compete with Credit Cards.

#8 Waves’ – Talk about an undervalued coin IMO’. They compete with NEM’ but their partnership with Deloitte and their market cap bumps them ahead of NEM’ in the smart asset system space.

#9 NEM’ – New Economy Movement. I do not like the name but I like the coin and moreover the space “Smart Asset Systems”. Real Estate, Inventory control, asset management, the possibilities are endless. (China Play)

#10 NEO’ – The Ethereum 11.32% of China, I want exposure to China and China will be a leader in cryptos no doubt!

Almost Made it!

#11 NXT’ – This surely could be a top 10 coin, but the website does not provide enough info on team members. With that said I love the features of the coin and the market cap can grow.
#12 OMG’ – OmiseGo Again speculative but a good group and has venture capital backing
#13 DCR’ – Decred This is one that my buddy loves and he is the founder of Mars coin and a true genius. I do not argue with geniuses I take their advice.
#14 QTUM’ – Qtum could be a top 10 coin, but it is a little pricey at these levels. (China Play)
#15 LTC’ – Litecoin would have made the top 10 BUT I have issues with the direction of the team. They need to be have a professional presentation starting with their website, getting rid of childish avatars and doing more marketing.
#16 ADA’ – Much competition in this space but they could challenge for market share. High market cap but who says you can not go higher.

My top 5 speculative picks for 2018.
#1 Dragon Chain – Disney’s OS platform and Love the target market. I’m in!
#2 IOTA’ – Forget the MIT paper, BK’ owns it, I love the space
#3 EOS’ – Speculative but well backed
#4 Powr’ – Power Ledger 1 tweet by Elon 5.30% please
#5 TRX 0.00% – China play, and this is a huge market

Disclosure: I own all the coins above, You should do your homework before investing as many are very speculative and its your money! Not enough room to go into full over view of each coin. CONSTRUCTIVE input is always appreciated!